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December 25th, 2016

its the end of the year for us, and with technical difficulties, and recording problems we are surprised we got an episode to air. Part 1. Vince phones in his top ten movies of 2016 list. We are sorry but the first part of the recording got erased, so heres his list. 1. The Revenant. 2. 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Bengazi 3. Deadpool 4. Snowden 5. Central Intelligence 6. The Nice Guys 7. The Jungle Book 8. Zootopia 9 10 Cloverfield Lane 10 A. Eddie the Eagle 10 B. The Arrival Part 2. Cary is back for the third time. He and Nick reveal their top ten movies of 2016. Part 3. The girls from "Hollywood Clip Show" podcast phone in. Follow us on Twiitter @nickandvince Like us on Facebook "Nick & Vince's Podcast" Follow Cary Schwartz on Twitter @discoju Follow "Hollywood Clip Show" on twitter @HollywoodClip Like them on Facebook "Hollywood Clip Show" Nick and Vince's Podcast are a strong supporter of the #podernfamily



December 11th, 2016

Vince is on vacation, but back on the podcast Illustrator and author of "Best in Show" comic strip Phil Juliano phones in, because he is snowed in from the snowfall over night. Phil talks about his upcoming projects, his adjustment from moving from the cities to the suburbs, his addition to his family, and his bathroom tub crisis. Follow Phil on twitter @bestinshowcomic Like him on Facebook "Best in Show Comic" visit his web page " Donate to Phil's Go Fund me "" Follow Nick and Vince Podcast on Twitter @nickandvince Like them on Facebook "Nick & Vince's Podcast" Nick and Vince Podcast is a strong support of #podernfamily



December 4th, 2016

On the podcast, we have a special announcement from Alloy Brewing. Later, Mike Creed calls in to talk about traveling, his military experience, and is he going to Cuba? Also the guys talk about Sci-fi, Robots, and give more updates on movies, and in science. Like us on Facebook, Nick & Vince's Podcast Follow us on Twitter, @nickandvince The Nick and Vince Podcast is a strong supporter of #podernfamily