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2 guys from Minnesota that love to talk about sports, history, movies.

Game of Thrones & Adaptations

July 5th, 2015

Winter is coming! Guest Nick Lehmann is back and we are talking GOT. The guys discuss the differences between GOT & ASOIAF, which leads them to talk about various adaptations from book to film, what you gain and lose doing it. And all awhile avoid saying "its not as good as the book!"


Sherlock Holmes

August 9th, 2015

"You see, but do not observe." Sherlock Holmes. With TV shows, a new movie out, Mr Holmes, as well as his own Comic Book, it seems he is everywhere. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective and the guys use the science of deduction to unravel the history of this great fictional character and what the future holds for him. But was he the first detective? Listen to find out.


SPECIAL EPISODE with Ruby and Lennox

October 4th, 2015

On the podcast are Ruby, age 11, and Lennox, age 9. The kids talk about their favorite movies, books, and games. They also tell us what they are doing for Halloween.



February 21st, 2016

Vince's nieces and nephew come on talk about sports, music, books, and other stuff, enjoy!!!



April 17th, 2016

Special guest Erik joins us to talk about writing, Magic the Gathering, video games, and his favorite books. He also tries to rap the alphabet. Enjoy!


Crystal Therese

October 23rd, 2016

Award-Winning Cosplayer Crystal is on. We talked horror movies, books, foods, and answer the question. What's up with clowns, like seriously? Nick and Vince are a supporter of podernfamily follow Crystal on twitter and instagram @damncutekitty and on facebook DCKitty Cosplay



February 19th, 2017

on the podcast we are geeking out wth Bryan. We talk Stephen King, John Wick, Red Turtle, Lego Batman movie, as well as other books, and movies. Enjoy Like us on Facebook "Nick & Vince Podcast" Follow us on Twitter @nickandvince The "Nick and Vince's Podcast" is a strong supporter of the #podernfamily



March 12th, 2017

Its the sequel to geeking out with Bryan. We talk board games, video games, video stores, books, and fan theories. We also talk Holidays and Trademarks. Enjoy!

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The Nick and Vince are a strong supporter of the #podernfamily