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Marquess of Queensberry Rules and Murphy’s Law

April 30th, 2015

Before the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight Nick discusses the origins and history of Marquess of Queensberry Rules. Vince brings up the origins and philosophy behind the infamous Murphy's Law. Which leads them to talk about entanglement in quantum physics.


waves and light

June 15th, 2015

Call you hear me now? In this episode Nick discusses waves, esp. sound waves, and explains why we can't hear the explosions on the sun. Vince talks about light and particles, and explains why the speed of light is a constant not a variable. And we all shine on!



October 26th, 2015

Just like on Jeopardy- it's Potpourri. In it the guys cover a variety of subjects, from current events, pop culture, science, Shakespeare, and of course, game shows. Enjoy!


The General Theory of Relativity

November 8th, 2015

Its all relative! November 2015 is the 100 year anniversary of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity being published. The guys discuss the history of the theory, its relation to other scientific theories, and reveal the people who helped him get it published. Enjoy!


Brian Fleischer -

July 16th, 2016

On the episode we have Brian Fleischer, founder of He comes on to talk about his passions, space exploration and aviation, as well as tell us more about his website that he just launched. Enjoy!



September 5th, 2016

On this episode, the guys talk about the new show coming on HBO, "Westworld", which leads them to question, what is reality? Nick discusses his why he likes murder theme tv shows. Vince questions Nick's logic on sports. They also talk Quantum Physics, Hockey, and speculate about the new horror movie, "Don't Breathe." And discuss the case of Jacob Wetterling. All that and more. Like us Facebook, Nick & Vince's podcast and Follow us on twitter: @nickandvince



December 4th, 2016

On the podcast, we have a special announcement from Alloy Brewing. Later, Mike Creed calls in to talk about traveling, his military experience, and is he going to Cuba? Also the guys talk about Sci-fi, Robots, and give more updates on movies, and in science. Like us on Facebook, Nick & Vince's Podcast Follow us on Twitter, @nickandvince The Nick and Vince Podcast is a strong supporter of #podernfamily



March 12th, 2017

On the podcast, the guys talk about films, LOGAN, GET OUT, CHiPs Trailer. They talk about upcoming holidays, and touch on the famous, the Ides of March. the day Julius Caesar was killed. Later, Vince gives Nick a science quiz. Find out what you know. And,... Thanks for listening!

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